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Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee Continues Hinting at Logo Change

The Miami Dolphins admitted before the season that they were considering a logo change for the 2013 season. CEO Mike Dee has been making the rounds lately, hinting that the team could be closing in on the new look.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this year, Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee admitted that the team could be considering a logo change for the 2013 season. NFL rules dictate that a team submit any request for uniform changes to the league in November, meaning, if the Dolphins are going to make a change, the timeline for the new design is getting tight.

Back in July, Dee told Jesse Agler on the team's radio show, The Finsiders, "We're going to have one eye on the history and the tradition. This is not going to be a change from the Tampa Bay orange to the pewter gray that they did. This is going to be, if we do it, much more subtle than that. I think you'll see our color scheme stay the same. I think you'll see the basic elements of the logo, with the sunburst and the dolphin, remain the same.

"If we strike that great balance between history and what might be our future image, and fans embrace it and ownership embraces it, there's a possibility we could make a change," Dee continued. "But no decision has been made."

Yesterday, Dee again visited with Agler. During the show, Dee stated, "I think there's likely going to be some changes. How significant those are, we'll have to wait and see."

He then added, "I think fans will be very excited with what they see down the road here shortly."

It looks like the Dolphins are well down the road to making the logo change. My guess would be we won't see anything official after the Super Bowl.

Oh, and in his interview, Dee mentions a guy he saw at the Cincinnati Bengals game who said he's from Toledo and has a huge tattoo of the current logo on his calf leg. I wonder who that could be?