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Phinsider NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

It's time for my weekly Power Rankings. This week, however, there is no video. Instead, you will have to read my rankings below. What did the Miami Dolphins' destruction of the New York Jets do to both teams? Who moved into the top three? Read on to find out.

Alex Trautwig

Normally, Tuesday means it's time for my Power Rankings video. Unfortunately, with Hurricane Sandy messing up everything in the northeast, the SB Nation graphics department was forced to shut down. With no video graphics to help me out, I thought it would be easier to simply write out my Power Rankings for this month. So, read on to see how I see the NFL.

Rank Team Movement Comments
1 Atl_logo_away_medium
Pretty simple. Still undefeated, still sitting atop the Power Rankings.


No_change_arrow_medium Still looking like the second best team in the league, even when they aren't playing. The bye week could help them get even better.
3 Sf_logo_medium


Took care of business last night against the Cardinals. San Francisco gets some benefit of disappointing wins from the three teams below them.
4 Chi_logo_2_medium

Down_arrow_medium -1

Not an impressive win over the mess that is the Carolina Panthers.
5 Nyg_logo_medium

Down_arrow_medium -1

The Giants had a come back win over the Dallas Cowboys last week. Of course, they only had to come back after giving back their 23 point lead.
6 Gb_logo_medium

Down_arrow_medium -1

A win is a win, but when you are the Packers, you should expect to beat the Jaguars by more than 24-15. And you really should never give up 303 passing yards to Blaine Gabbert.
7 Ne_logo_away_medium
No_change_arrow_medium Patriots took care of business in London this weekend. Could easily be in the top tier of teams, but some really good teams above them.
8 Den_logo_away_medium

Up_arrow_medium +1

Peyton Manning looks like Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense is starting to click.
9 Pit_logo_medium

Up_arrow_medium +2

I'm not sure I trust the Steelers. I don't know if it's because they are not playing like the Steelers yet, or if it's because a bunch of escaped convicts played for them last week. Either way, they are in the top 10, but I'm not convinced they belong there, yet.
10 Bal_logo_medium
No_change_arrow_medium The bye week keeps the Ravens as a top 10 team, but it's going to be a matter of can they overcome their injuries before they can hold onto their top ten ranking in the future.
11 Mia_logo_away_medium

Up_arrow_medium +2

What? Eleventh? Really? Call me a homer if you want, but I don't know who should be ahead of them at this point.

And, where are the people who told me last week that the Jets should be closer to the Dolphins in the rankings - or even ahead of them?
12 Min_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -4

The Vikings had a great early season, and Christian Ponder is developing nicely, but I think midnight may be coming early for Cinderella.
13 Sea_logo_away_medium

Up_arrow_medium +1

The Seahawks lost this week, but move up because of the play of the Chargers. Seattle's 28-24 loss to the Lions is something they should be able to overcome.
14 Was_logo_away_medium

Up_arrow_medium +1

Like the Seahawks, the Redkins move up despite a loss.
15 Sd_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -3

The Chargers lost 7-6 to the Browns this week. I'm not sure they don't deserve to be lower on the rankings.
16 Buf_logo_away_medium

Up_arrow_medium +1

Bills move up on their bye week.
17 Ind_logo_medium


Andrew Luck is starting to show flashes of the reason the Colts drafted him number one overall. Sets up an intriguing Week 9 battler between the Number One pick and the Number Eight pick (Ryan Tannehill).
18 Ari_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -1

It was an ugly loss to the 49ers, but a lot of teams will have that happen to them this year. They will probably end the season lower than 18th, but this game doesn't drop them dramatically.
19 Dal_logo_medium


I gave the Cowboys some credit for staying in the game and fighting back to take a one point lead after giving up 23 points to start the game. They couldn't hold on against the Super Bowl champs, but they get a little respect for the game anyway.
20 Ten_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -4

A very confusing team. They beat teams like the Steelers, but drop games to the Colts. Twenty is probably about where they belong.
21 Phi_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -2

Andy Reid may be the coach with the hottest seat in the NFL - and it's still not as hot as Michael Vick's.
22 Tb_logo_away_medium


The Buccaneers dispatched the Vikings this week, and deserve the bounce because...well, because Doug Martin might still be running.
23 Det_logo_away_medium


The Lions still seem to be trying to figure out who they are. Last year, they ran the ball to set up the pass. This year, they seem to want to be the Saints. But, if they can figure it out (and get Calvin Johnson to stop dropping passes), they could become a dangerous team.
24 No_logo_medium

Down_arrow_medium -3

Just for the record, Joe Vitt still does not equal Sean Payton.
25 Oak_logo_medium


Beat the Chiefs, which apparently is not an accomplishment this year.
26 Cin_logo_medium


The Bengals are coming out of their bye week, and find Peyton Manning on the schedule. It could be ugly Sunday.
27 Cle_logo_away_medium


Look at the Browns pulling out a second win. They probably should not be ahead of the Rams or Jets, but why not.
28 Stl_logo_away_medium


The Rams got destroyed by the Patriots last week. And, it wasn't the worst dismantling done by an AFC East team this week...
29 Nyj_logo_medium


That would go to the Miami Dolphins who absolutely stepped up and crushed the Jets. They simply punched the Jets in the mouth, and New York never got back up. The Jets head into the bye week just hoping they can find a way to salvage this season.
30 Jax_logo_away_medium


Jaguars jump out of the basement thanks to a decent showing against the Packers.
31 Car_logo_away_medium

Down_arrow_medium -1

The Panthers showed up against the Bears, and were fairly impressive. Only reason they drop is because the Jaguars bounced up.
32 Kc_logo_medium

Down_arrow_medium -3

The Chiefs find their way back into the basement. I said in the video last week that they could find themselves back in the middle of the mess at the bottom of the league - instead they find themselves firmly at the bottom.

That gives you my power rankings for this week. Leave your comments below, and tell me who I have too high, who is too low, and where you think the Dolphins should be.