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NFL Moves Trade Deadline Due to Hurricane Sandy

The NFL trade deadline was originally set for tomorrow at 4pm Eastern. However, as the east coast prepares for Hurricane Sandy, the NFL has announced that it will push the trade deadline back to Thursday at 4pm Eastern.


The NFL has announced the adjustment of the trade deadline this week. Originally scheduled for 4pm Eastern on the Tuesday after Week 8, the league will now move the deadline to Thursday at 4pm Eastern. This move was made to avoid any issues cause by Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to make landfall along the east coast sometime tonight. The storm will mix the tropical storm style winds and rain of a hurricane, with the winter weather of an arctic blast that has joined into the hurricane.

Several big names are considered possible trade bait this year, although the NFL has, historically, seen few trade deadline deals. The biggest name Miami Dolphins fans are targeting is Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Bowe is from Miami, and is thought to want to come back to south Florida. However, he is on a franchise tender this year, and, by league rules, will not be able to sign a contract extension. It would be risky for any team to trade for the wide receiver, knowing they could not lock him up until he hits the free agent market.

Other names that could possibly move this season are Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and tight end Jared Cook. Reportedly, the Titans have fielded multiple calls for Johnson, despite his enormous contract. Tennessee has never shown a desire to move th running back, turning down offers over the past few years, but could be looking to dump the deal they agreed to last year with "CJ2K."

The Titans could also be looking to send Cook out of town, following a reported trade demand from the tight end. Cook is second on the Titans in receptions (28) and receiving yards (373) this season, and is in his fourth season in the league. Cook has appeared in all eight games thus far for Tennessee, but has only started three.

While the likelhood of the Dolphins making a trade is probably very low, there's still a chance it could happen. The team has expressed a desire to continue to build through the draft, but with the team currently in the playoff hunt, and with extra second and third round draft choices next year, the idea of bolstering the team and making a post season run, could be tempting for head coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland. Now, they will have two extra days to consider it.