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Sunday Night Football Live Thread-Saints At Broncos

Sunday Night Football Live Thread-Saints At Broncos


Tonight's game is between the 2-4 New Orleans Saints and the 3-3 Denver Broncos. This game features two QB's that we once believed could have been Dolphins but alas no. Besides that Culpepper guy was so awesome for never mind that. Peyton Manning will of course be looking to take some level of revenge against the team that knocked him out and most likely cost him his position as King of Indy. In Denver Peyton is of course second fiddle to the King of Denver, Mr. Horse Face, John Elway. This is most likely very unsettling to Manning after also finding out that he came in second to his brother for the title of Mr. Dumb Face. The Saints of course are fighting back from a horrible off season that saw everyone including the water boy and popcorn guy suspended for their bounty program that was most likely behind the previously mentioned injury to Manning. For me it's just nice to see the Saints return to the Aints. Teams do love those throw back looks!