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Miami Takes 10-0 Lead into Second Quarter Over New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins are apparently the ones with the hot sauce this week, taking a 10-0 lead into the second quarter against the New York Jets. The team is clicking early on all aspects, despite Ryan Tannehill leaving the game with a quad injury.

Alex Trautwig

The Miami Dolphins are beating up on the New York Jets - almost to head hunting levels. The hot sauce is pouring right now, and the Jets can't handle it. Miami has a 10-0 lead heading into the second quarter, and start the second period with a 1st and goal from the New York two yard line.

The only downside for the Dolphins thus far has been a knee and quad injury to rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Matt Moore has come in to replace Tannehill.

The Dolphins kicked a field goal on their opening drive. They then recovered an onside kick. The team has shut down the Jets offense, who seem to be locked into a Tony Sparano jam it up the middle mentality. Special teams came up big again, with Jimmy Wilson blocking a Jets punt and rookie Olivier Vernon recovering the ball in the endzone for the touchdown.

The Dolphins are currently challenging a possible touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano in the back of the endzone.