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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Daniel Thomas Returns Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Daniel Thomas Returns Edition

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Last weeks poll played off the fact that before the games played for that week everyone in our division was in a tie, at least record wise, for first or I suppose also last in the division. Either way it was like a whole new season had begun in the fight for the best record in the division. The actual question was "Do you think we can make the playoff's this season?"

60% (316 votes) of you believed that yes we would secure a spot in the playoffs but as a wild card and that the New England Patriots would once again win the division. 22% (117 votes) said "No, not this year maybe next.". 14% (77 votes) believe that we will win the division outright. 1% (6 votes) claimed to be here trolling. That's a record for the Sunday AM poll, troll wise. Excellent! The option of "No not with this team or QB. Still a few years away." earned 0% (4 votes). Much, much lower then had I asked this same question at the beginning of the year I would guess. The option for us making it as WC but the Jets winning the division gained one vote but the same option with the Bills winning gained zero votes.

This weeks question is with the weather expected to be windy with possible heavy rain and just all around sloppy conditions what impact on the game do you expect the return of Daniel Thomas to have? Assuming that those dire weather predictions are correct the team that can ground and pound it the best would seem to have the best chance of winning the day