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Miami Dolphins College Scouts Tracker

All around the country, Saturday afternoons mean college football. For most of us, it's a matter of rooting on our school or our favorite team growing up. For the Miami Dolphins, it means a chance to go find the next draft target.

Streeter Lecka

With the college football slate fully underway, it's time to take a look at where the Miami Dolphins' scouts are today. Last week, we did not get any data on where the were, but this week, we know of at least one game that the Dolphins scouts will attend:

As Steuber points out, these are just the games in which he can confirm a scout's attendance. That does not mean there aren't scouts at other games. Here are the prospects the Dolphins could be watching at this game:

North Carolina State Prospects: Zach Allen, G; David Amerson, CB (Junior); Brandon Bishop, S; Mario Carter, TE; Darryl Cato-Bishop, DE; Tony Creecy, RB; Rob Crisp, OT; Mike Glennon, QB; R.J. Mattes, OT; Art Norman, DE (3rd Year Sophomore), Tobias Palmer, WR; Brian Slay, DT; Andrew Wallace, G; James Washington, RB; Asa Watson, TE; Cameron Wentz, C; C.J. Wilson, CB; Earl Wolff, S

North Carolina Prospects: Casey Barth, K; Giovani Bernard, RB (3rd Year Sophomore); Tre Boston, S (Junior); Jheranie Boyd, WR; Jonathan Cooper, G; Eric Ebron, TE (3rd Year Sophomore); Erik Highsmith, WR; James Hurst, OT (Junior); Kareem Martin, DE (Junior); Tim Scott, CB (3rd Year Sophomore); TJ Thorpe, WR (3rd Year Sophomore); Kevin Reddick, LB; Bryn Renner, QB (Junior); Brennan Williams, OT; Sylvester Williams, DT