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Dolphins at Jets: Reggie Bush, LaRon Landry Feud Adds New Players

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets reminded everyone yesterday of just how much they hate each other. The trash talking and hot sauce comments from the two teams' contest in Week 3 of the season has continued this week as they prepare for their second meeting - and the talk is escalating.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are letting the world know how much they dislike one-another. This started heating up again on Wednesday, when Jets head coach Rex Ryan spoke with the New York media, saying that he apologized for his "hot sauce" comments prior to the first contest between the two teams this season, back in Week 3. Ryan added that he thought Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, who said after that game that the season ending ACL tear suffered by Darrelle Revis was karma coming back to get the Jets for the hot sauce targeting of him, needed to apologize as well.

After Bush refused to apologize, he was asked if he feared retaliation for his comments about karma. Bush replied, "Not at all. Retaliation? They're the ones that started it. If there ever was any retaliation, it would come from us. With this team, the caliber of guys and the character of guys that we have on this team are guys that play with respect for the game. Guys that go out there and they play hard. It's football. I didn't go and complain and whine about being a target of the Jets. I expect that every game."

But, the trash talking on Wednesday wasn't done. Jets safety LaRon Landry suddenly had to jump into the fray. Landry injured Bush during the Week 3 game, bruising the running back's knee and causing him to miss the entire second half of the game. Landy decided to declare that Bush would remember that hit every time he looked at Landry, and that Bush would be tentative during the game because of it.

If that wasn't enough, Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey both entered the arena to add to the battle of words. On Wednesday, Maybin spoke to ESPN New York writer Rich Cimini about Bush, saying, "We want to knock him out, but we're out to do it legally."

Pouncey responded today, speaking to reporters after practice. "He's a joke," Pouncey said about Maybin. "I think it's just him wanting to get known; finally hear his name mentioned in the NFL. I think that's all that is.

"It makes us very mad. He's not even going to play enough plays to touch Reggie. His comments are irrelevant.

"I respect LaRon Landry. He's a great football player. He makes a lot of plays. He plays hard. I can understand it from him, but from Aaron Maybin, it makes no sense."

Pouncey continued, saying that the Dolphins don't talk a lot before games, or during games. Maybe a few words hear or there, but they try to let their play make their statements. He was then asked if anything would be said to Maybin if he is on the field.

"If he's in there, I guess we'll say something to him - if he's in there," Pouncey responded. "I mean, I'd have to be on punt block or something. If we're up a lot and he's in the game, I'll say something to him. But, we're hoping it will be a really good game."

Miami guard Richie Incognito was asked about all the talk as well. He responded, "We hear all the talk, and we understand that's all a part of Jets week. The great part about this game is, all the talk stops on Sunday." When asked about the source, and that Maybin doesn't play much, Incognito laughed. Asked if he thinks the Jets really mean they are targeting Bush and trying to take him out, or if it's just talked, he responded, "No, that's what's great. It's all just talk."

"It's going to be a physical game," Pouncey said during his media availability. "Hearing that from a guy known as one of the biggest busts in NFL history...for him to open his mouth and say he's going to hurt our starting running back, no, we're not going to have that."

Incognito is correct on at least one point - this is all a part of Jets week. And, we have two more days before the talk stops and the hitting starts. Enjoy it while it lasts; after Sunday, the Dolphins won't see the Jets again until next year.