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Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: What to Watch For

The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Jets this weekend. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

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Ryan Tannehill- In my opinion, the 2nd best rookie quarterback in the league, behind Robert Griffin III. Tannehill has done noting but exceed expectation by his fans and critics.

On Sunday, Tannehill will look to get his first win against the Jets. I see it happening. Even without Darelle Revis, the Jets still have a good corner back in Antonio Cromartie and a developing young one in Kyle Wilson. I can see Tannehill adjusting with some screen passes and short routes across the middle.

Jonathan Martin- he will need to step up his game against the Jets and make a statement that he is the answer to the right side of the line.

Olivier Vernon- Olivier Vernon has a great teacher in Cameron Wake. They are both similar in size and athletic ability. The skies the limit for him and I see him getting alot of playing time against the Jets this weekend to help rattle Mark Sanchez.

Michael Egnew- hasn't been active yet. However, according to reports Egnew is slowly climbing his way out of the doghouse. I've also hurt that Jeron Mastrud is nursing a minor injury, so this might Egnew's chance.

Lamar Miller- would like to see more of Lamar Miller. But with Daniel Thomas back, he will see a significant lose in play time. Still needs to get better at pass blocking, but the talent is there.

Josh Kaddu- signed off the practice squad a few weeks ago, Josh Kaddu played mainly on special teams.

Kheeston Randall- a late round gem. Kheeston Randall has been filling in as a backup for Paul Soliai and Randy Starks. Could develop into a starter in time.


Brian Hartline hasn't flashed since his big game against the Cardinals. Defenses are planning against him and they're doing a fine job of taking him out of the game. Hartline will probably line up against Cromartie. So expect a quiet day from Hartline. However, Hartline has gotten the better of Cromartie before.

Davone Bess is solid, there is no doubt about that. He should find success on Sunday in the slot.

Behind Bess and Hartline, there is a tossup for the #3 wide receiver spot. Marlon Moore caught a touchdown against blown coverage during the Rams game. But Moore is on this team because he's a great special teams player.

Anthony Armstrong hasn't done anything after being picked off waivers. His hands are inconsistent and Tannehill hasn't developed any chemistry with him yet. I'd like to see some chemistry, because Armstrong can blow the top off defenses.

Recently signed, Jabar Gaffney, may see the field on Sunday. We're going to need him. Gaffney is a solid option at wide receiver. He's not flashy, but he will make the play. If Gaffney is active, I'd expect Tannehill to have a good day. If Gaffney is not active, I'd expect a big day from the running backs.

And my favorite receiver, Rishard Matthews. Hasn't been active yet. Oh well.

The wide receiver MUST step up on Sunday and help Tannehill out. If not, it's going to be a long day for the offense.


The linebackers have also got to step up. Dustin Keller is back and Shonn Greene is playing great, as of late. Keller has destroyed us in the past. I'm not worried about Greene.

Karlos Dansby should be able to cover Keller. If not, that will fall onto one of the safeties.

Kevin Burnett should be able to do the same.

Koa Misi, I'm skeptical of.

The linebackers should be able to play the run well, it's against Keller I'm worried about.


Dan Carpenter missed 2 field goals against the Jets last time. If he didn't miss those, we may be sitting at 4 - 2. But we can't change the past, we must keep looking forward. This is a redemption game for Carpenter and I expect him to answer back. If not, I could see us bringing in another kicker to challenge/pressure Carpenter.

Brandon Fields is just solid. The guy deserves to go to the Pro Bowl. GO VOTE PHIN FANS!!!

If we want to win this game, field position will be crucial. Marcus Thigpen needs to play smart and not make any bonehead plays. Davone Bess could come in, considering he is consistent.

What are you looking for on Sunday?