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Thursday Night Live Game Thread-Buccaneers at Vikings

Thursday Night Live Game Thread-Buccaneers at Vikings

Adam Bettcher

Tonight's game pits the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Minnesota Vikings. This game will feature one of the games best running backs, Adrian Peterson, against one of the NFL's best defense against the run (Bucs). The Vikings are also, at least record wise, one of the most surprising teams in the NFL this season with a record of 5 and 2. The Buccaneers are a young team that has shown some flashes but has still disappointed their fan base up to this point with a record of only 2 and 4. Josh Freeman has shown some flashes at times this season but has failed to get his team in the endzone at times despite several trips in to the redzone at crucial times in losses this season. Like wise Ponder has struggled at times including last week where he was held to 58 yards passing and two INT's but still managed to win the game behind a strong effort from their rushing attack and a strong defense.