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NFL Opens Pro Bowl Voting

The NFL's annual all star game, the Pro Bowl, features roster made up by a combination of fan, player, and coach voting. The NFL announced today they have opened the balloting for the fans.

Kent Nishimura

The NFL announced today the fan voting for the 2013 Pro Bowl has begun. Fans can vote for their favorite players from around the league starting today and running through Monday, December 7. The fan vote will count as one third of the consensus for which players will make the AFC and NFC 43 man rosters for the game. The NFL players and coaches will make up the other two thirds.

The rosters will be unveiled on Wednesday, December 26.

To vote for Miami Dolphins players (or maybe that one guy from that other team that may deserve a shot), head over to

The 2013 Pro Bowl will be played January 27, 2013 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who, like many fans, was disappointed with the lack of compteition in last year's game, has said that this year could go a long way to deciding if the game remains o nthe schedule in the future. The game was considered endangered this season, but the players asked the league to hold the game and give them a chance to show it can be a competitive and entertaining game.

The Dolphins had three players make the Pro Bowl last year: left tackle Jake Long, who missed the game due to injury, wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and defensive tackle Paul Soliai. Marshall was named the game MVP following a four touchdown performance.