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Miami Dolphins Getting Back to Work After Bye Week

The Miami Dolphins are coming off their bye week, getting ready to get back into the NFL swing of things. In case having two weeks to prepare for one game wasn't enough to get the Dolphins pumped up for this week's game, the schedule adds a little bonus - it's New York Jets week.


The Miami Dolphins are getting back into their normal weekly routine as they come off their schedule bye week today. However, it's anything but a normal week. The Dolphins will have 14 days to get ready for their next opponent, and the NFL schedulers could not have done a better job of putting a worthwhile opponent on the Dolphins' platter - it's New York Jets week again!

And, don't think the Dolphins themselves don't realize it:

So, after a week off, welcome back Dolphins football! And, welcome back Jets Week!

Oh, and for our tattooed readers, Incognito is giving away an autographed hate this week:

Make sure you get a picture of your tattoo in before the deadline - I know someone here can win this.