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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Season Reboot, Now What Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll-Season Reboot, Now What Edition

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Ok, so the season does not really start over from this point but as far as the division is concerned we are all tied up and it's a whole new beginning in the race for the division title. In fact only two teams in the entire AFC, the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens both at 5 and 1, have a better record then our Miami Dolphins. I guess the league and commissioner finally got that parity that they always wanted.

Like many of you I have seen a gradual improvement from our new starting QB Ryan Tannehill as he has gone along from game to game with of course a few bumps in the road. He started out showing some flashes but also threw three picks against a very good Houston Texans team resulting in a terrible rating of 39.0. He then had a good game against a poor Oakland Raiders team throwing one TD and no picks resulting in a respectable 91.0 rating resulting in his first career win. Next came the game against the hated New York Jets. That game saw both a season low completion percentage of 44.4% which combined with no TD's and one INT gave him another sub par rating of 50.2. Of course that performance was just barely bested by Mark Sanchez leaving Miami in a position to win the game right up till the very end and in to overtime.

The second half of his first six games began with a contest against the unbeaten (at the time) Arizona Cardinals. This game saw Ryan's completion percentage hit a high for the season at 63.4% and despite throwing for one TD and two INT's he also saw his second highest rating of the season at 86.5. Despite a decent game from Ryan the Phins dropped the game once again in OT. Next up came the Cincinnati Bengals. While he threw for no TD's he also had no INT's resulting in a season high rating of 92.3 gaining him his second win. Last weeks game against the St Louis Rams was by far his best game of the year statistically speaking. This game marked a high in completion percentage (72.4), TD's (2) and passer rating (112.0). This also marked his lowest number of yards in any game at 185 but he showed that he could be a great game manager in a defensive struggle type game and of course did not make a mistake by turning the ball over, leading to the Phins third victory of the year bringing us back to 500.

Of course much credit goes to the defense of the Dolphins. The Dolphins currently sit at ninth in the league with 19.5 points per game surrendered. I realize that we rank lower in yards surrendered per game but PPG is always in the end the most important stat. The other stat that stands out as far as wins and losses is in the games in which Tannehill throws an INT we take the loss. In the games where he protects the ball and has no INT's we win. At least up to this point.

I have always gone with the idea, theory, whatever you call it, that if you had a top rated QB that you always had a chance. Of course that alone is not always enough but look at team like the Colts. With Manning they were a legit contender. Once he was gone they were the worst team in the league. Now that might be an extreme example as there are few Mannings or Marinos that come along but my point is all things being equal the team with the best QB goes the furthest.

So, what's with all of my rambling? Well it leads in to this weeks poll question. Seeing that the entire division is now even at 3 and 3 and we, depending on your opinion, may have found our QB of the future, do you think we can make the playoffs?