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NFL Week 7 Early Games Live Thread

The Miami Dolphins are sitting at home this weekend, enjoying their four days off during the bye week. However, despite the common belief that, since the Dolphins aren't playing, the NFL has canceled this weekend's schedule, there are other games today. Join us here to discuss the early games on today's schedule.

Larry French

Despite the Miami Dolphins not playing this weekend, as the team enjoys their bye week, the NFL has made the unfortunate decision to go ahead and actually still hold a slate of games this weekend. So, I guess we will all have to suffer through watching these also-rans like Baltimore and Houston face off.

Seriously, now, the NFL has some really good games on their Week 7 schedule. The early games this week are:

If you can somehow manage to find the motivation to turn the channel to one of these games - and I know it's hard to care when the Dolphins aren't playing - feel free to discuss the games here.

As usual, keep pictures to a minimum, and appropriate, in a live thread. I will remove pictures that are inappropriate and they can lead to warnings and/or bannings.

Do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).

Enjoy the games.