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The Perfection Post 1.3: Up for Grabs Edition

The Perfection Post 1.3: Up for Grabs Edition- Recap of Miami 17, St. Louis 14 and preview for Week 8 match-up with the rival New York Jets

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images


Issue 1.3

Miami Dolphins (3-3; tied for 1st in AFC East)

We're Goin' STREAKING!!!

Don't look now but your Miami Dolphins are in 1st place in the division! Suck it Patriots!

Oh, what's that you say... we're also tied for last? Well, uhh, SUCK it JETS!

Regardless, Miami has pieced together back to back wins for the first time this year and things are actually looking up for the squad. There's a weird aura of excitement that I can feel all the way from South Florida. Let me get this straight... the Dolphins are putting away games, have solid QB play, and are actually getting love from the media!?

This MUST be signs of the apocalypse...prepare your bomb shelters and stock up on Twinkies- we're all EFFED.


What happens when Dolphins news replaces Tebow news on ESPN.

The Perfection Post, everyone..


Rams vs Dolphins coverage

Rams vs Dolphins boxscore


A Perfection Post EXCLUSIVE! Actual Rams sound off on the St. Louis Rams- You heard it here first! BAHHHEH!

Key Numbers:

8- Quarters of football without a Tannehill interception. If the Dolphins can continue in Week 8 with no INT's then Tannehill will likely be 3-0 with 0 interceptions in the month of October. *crosses fingers*!!!

10- Total tackles for Chris Clemons vs. the Rams. For the second straight week the team's leading tackler was in the secondary.

21- Receptions by Miami Dolphins in Sunday's win, zero from Brian Hartline (who sadly is no longer 'NFL leading receiver', Brian Hartline). Sad face :(

63- Long punt by Brandon Fields who averaged over 53 yards per punt. Will the REAL Legatron please step up?

100- FG percentage of Dan Carpenter. Praise the lord!

270- More total yards St. Louis had then Miami. As much of this needs to be addressed to our defense during our bye, I love how our team stuck in there and got a win.


Advantage Dolphins- Rams thick wool makes it difficult for them not to immediately drown.

(Credit: this stellar photo courtesy of Lasner Sport- click and follow to check out his great page!)

For the second straight week Ryan Tannehill managed the game wonderfully, moving to 3-0 in games where he has no turnovers. Also for the second straight week, Miami beat a winning opponent,beside the fact that referees constantly abused them with brutal calls. Seriously Gene Steratore, i hope you fall face first into an ant pile.


I would like to give a big shout out to all those from the sister SB Nation blog, Turf Show Times. Guys like Douglas M and 3k and a handful of other Rams fans sounded out all week with us about Rams v Dolphins, and from what I've seen so far they appear to be the friendliest and knowledgeable opponents we've had the pleasure of interacting with so far. Feel free to check out their blog from time to time and I'll speak for most of us and say good luck to the Rams this year.... i'm sure we can all agree that the world needs a Tannehill/Bradford/Legatron showdown in the Superbowl. I propose this as the first underwater super bowl, because as I have mentioned, Dolphins are much better in the water than fat ass horned sheep.

THREE first rounders for our pick!? Come here Shanahan, you silly, silly man!


  • Have you seen the NFL Standings this year!? Holy crap! There are currently (2) teams in the AFC with better rankings then the .500 dolphins. I know the playoffs weren't in Miami's original plans but what the heck- let's go for it! Talk about being up for grabs... but one game at a time.
  • Teams with worse records than Miami- Dallas, New Orleans, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Detroit. WTF!?
  • I know it's early, but the 2012 QB class of Luck, RGIII, Tannehill, Weeden and Wilson is already looking like it might be the best rookie class in history. Which of these guys will keep it up and turn into perennial pro-bowlers? I for one hope it's the one with hot wife.
  • I'm not taking sides but the Ireland mob has sure quieted down alot. Miami's top four picks: Ryan Tannehill, Jonathan Martin, Olivier Vernon & Lamar Miller have all shown productivity already on the field. Only TE Michael Egnew is the bad egg of this group, let's see if he can turn it around after the bye.
  • It started with a rumor on twitter on Wednesday and then it erupted. Is there a likely scenario that would send Chief all-pro WR Dwayne Bowe to Miami? First Rotoworld that Bowe wants out of KC and there was talk that trade talks for Bowe was heating up between 4 teams (Dolphins, Rams, Bills & Lions). Based on Miami's need to get a premiere target and their collection of draft picks, it makes sense to entice a deal to Chiefs GM Scott Pioli to send Bowe to his hometown and link up with Tannehill. Ireland should definitely not overpay considering Bowe is the one that is unhappy, and he will likely be a FA unless they decide to franchise him or pay him a big contract. Miami could wait until free agency hits or they just might just stick to the "Philbin Route" and draft guys in the later rounds of the draft. If I was GM I'd offer the Chiefs a package of up to Matt Moore, a 3rd round pick and a conditional 4th. What do you think? Feel free to check out the Phinsider Podcast that went down Wednesday when a bunch of us, myself included, sounded off on the Bowe rumors.
  • Speaking of the Bowe to Miami rumors, the funniest part is that this rumor was already started back in July when two Dolphin players reached out to Bowe via twitter urging him to join the Dolphins and start something special. The two Dolphins, you ask? Chad Johnson and Vontae Davis! Umm, awkward?



This week's episode of Dolphin Love:

*- Chris Clemons- As much as I wanted to include Wake in the top 5 this week, he will get my Honorable Mention. The fact is I have been hard on Clemons all year and he stepped up in a big way this week. Not only did CC lead the team with 10 tackles, but he had a crucial 4th down conversion on a fake punt that made Jeff Fisher's mustache turn upside-down. Joe Philbin deserves credit here too.


**- Brandon Fields- Fields continues to make weekly appearances on the "Game Balls" list for having a leg made out of some crazy metallic substance that scientists haven't discovered yet. 6 punts, 323 yards, and a season long of 63 = not human.

***- Marlon Moore- We were looking for a WR to step up and here we go. Way to go Gaffney! Oh it wasn't him? Then nice job Armstrong! Oh, wrong again? Raise your hand if you thought the leading receiver this week would be Marlon Moore? Truth is, I've always liked Moore because he's got good quickness, and I'm glad the kid stepped up this week. His TD was a game changing spark and was the biggest play our offense had all day.

****- Ryan Tannehill- If Tannehill continues to progress like he has been, then by week 9 he should break every Drew Brees record. Seriously, it's his composure and play versus the blitz which has been so spectacular to see from a rookie. His goal versus the Jets is to get revenge and have a turnover-free game; based on the past, that would mean a Miami victory.

*****- Olivier Vernon- Miami's third round rookie pick stepped up in a big way and felt comfortable playing in his old college's stadium. Vernon had a sack before suffering an ankle injury that appeared pretty serious. However, he appeared and even told trainers, 'a la Ronnie Lott',"You'd have to cut off my leg before you tell me I can't return". Vernon not only returned but quite possibly made the biggest defensive play of the year so far, by sacking Bradford, and forcing the Rams and Legatron into a ridiculous 66-yard FG attempt. We know the rest of the story, but Vernon's performance and toughness gives him TOP SPOT in this week's Dolphin Love.


Projected Trophies for Week 7-

Current vote for OROY-

Robert Griffin III, WAS

Current vote for DROY-

Chandler Jones, NE

Coach of the Year-

Jim Harbaugh, SF

League MVP-

Matt Ryan, ATL

Defensive MVP-

J.J. Watt, HOU

Miami MVP-

Cameron Wake


1. Ryan Tannehill's 431 passing yards against Arizona were the most by a Miami Dolphin since when and by who?

2. Who is the only player on IR for Miami?

3. Which player has the most yards per reception for Miami this year?

The first person to answer ALL questions correct in the same post is this week’s winner and will receive 10 points.

Current trivia Standings (seriously are you gonna let Nawlins run away with it!?)

25- NawlinsPhinFan


Around the corner is a boring weekend with no Miami Dolphins football. Usually I take solace in this time where I appreciate not frustrating over a Dolphins loss, but this year's exciting Miami team has changed that. Damn you Dolphins for making me frustrated during my bye week... this is supposed to be the week I don't have to drink like crazy!

But all in all, this is an important time for a bye week. Miami is riding high after two nice wins but you know they can't overlook a Week 8 date for revenge with the New York Jets. As we all try to forget, Miami completely outplayed the Jets week 3, but made a few costly errors, and an ill-timed injury to Reggie Bush which seemed to halt our offense at a standstill. New York plays a New England team this week, which I'm hoping takes a lot of wind out of their sails when they host the Fins the following week.


Dolphins everywhere can't relax on their bye.. they want the Jets, and they want them to suffer.

I will be in Las Vegas next weekend watching the Miami and New York game and probably putting some dough on it. I've been to Sin City a handful of times, but the only other time I've been on a Sunday when the Dolphins were playing, was in 2010, week 3, when we lost at home to the Jets by a TD. Needless to say I woke up in a daze the next day and there was a hole in my bedside lamp... So, I will be praying for a different result this year and hoping I can cap off my trip wonderfully with a Dolphins victory.

Miami players should rest up this week. They deserve a nice break and we desperately need to give our guys time to recover and get back to health before going up to the Meadowlands to smash the Jets. Guys like Richard Marshall and Reggie Bush need to get back up to speed because we will need our running game and secondary to play at it's best. The name I am looking at the closest is Jabar Gaffney. I have said, "take all the time you need Jabar", but you BETTER be ready for the Jets game. Having Jabar Gaffney on the field opposite of Hartline and Bess will give us that other option for Tannehill and hopefully will assist Miami to better attack New York's secondary. Look for the defense to use last week as a wake up call as well. Miami's D need to return to their dominant ways by shutting down the Jets rushing attack and keeping Sanchez on his ass all day long.


Does it even matter Jets fans? Honestly?

That's all I got for now, hope you enjoyed! Take a crack at the trivia, check out the poll and comment below to sound off during the bye week. Lord knows we'll need plenty to talk about this weekend to keep us busy. Let's all give a nice little golf clap for our Dolphins though, who have been playing well thus far. But it's still a long season- Miami, make sure to rest up and relax, and when you return, make sure to do what you do best.... DESTROY the JETS!!!


And I'm OUT!