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Dolphins Not in Dwayne Bowe Trade Talks with Kansas City

Earlier today, rumors started swirling that Yahoo!'s NFL reporter Jason Cole had stated that the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs were in talks to work out a deal sending wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to south Florida. The reporter clarified later today that he never reported that.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

The Twitter-verse has been abuzz with talk of the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs working on a deal to send wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to Miami. The rumors started after Yahoo! Sports' NFL reporter Jason Cole made an appearance on the Jorge Sedano Show. During the show, Cole was asked about rumors on ESPN that the Dolphins and Chiefs were in talks about a "big name player."

Cole answered that the logical target would be Dwayne Bowe, who clearly wants out of Kansas City, and the Dolphins are in need of wide receiver help. Cole also pointed out that there are plenty of reasons for Bowe to not be the target, including things like the Dolphins already dealt with Brandon Marshall, who was traded away this offseason. Would Miami want to take on another receiver who could become a diva problem for the team?

At some point during the day, that remark turned into Cole reporting the Dolphins and Chiefs were working on a deal. Which, of course, immediately spun fans into a frenzy as they tried to guess on the compensation involved, and if it would be a good deal for the Dolphins.

However, Cole tweeted this evening a clarification to his "report" from earlier today:

The fan frenzy today appears to be much ado about nothing at this point. However, no one is saying that this deal could not be in the works. Cole is just clarifying that he is not reporting it is in discussions. The NFL trade deadline is after next week's slate of games. Both the Chiefs and the Dolphins are on their bye weeks this week. If a deal were to be completed, now is the time.

However, looking for Miami to work out a wide receiver deal this late in the season, when the wide out would have to learn the entire offensive scheme, the hand signals Ryan Tannehill uses to orchestrate the team's no-huddle offense, and completely learn a new terminology is asking a lot. Free agent signing Jabar Gaffney has been listed as inactive the past two games because he is not up to speed on the offense. Would Bowe be able to learn the offense any faster?