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Miami Dolphins October 2012 Approval Ratings: Jeff Ireland

The Phinsider's October Approval Ratings posts continue today as we work our way through the Miami Dolphins top three personnel. Today, we turn our attention to General Manager Jeff Ireland.

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Every month, we take a look at the top three personnel in the Miami Dolphins organization, determining the fan approval ratings for owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, and head coach Joe Philbin. Yesterday, we started the October round of voting with Ross. Today, we start voting for Ireland.

Obviously, there is still a portion of the fan base that will not be happy until they see Ireland fired. That issue came up yesterday in the Ross thread. However, there are others who see Ireland's job performance in a more positive light. Over the summer months, the "Fireland" side seemed to have started to win again, with Ireland dropping 33 percentage points in just two preseason months. It will be interesting to see how the fans vote with a 3-3 record after 6 weeks of regular season football.

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Below you will find the previous results from Ireland's approval ratings. Make sure you vote in the poll as well, and, if you haven't vote in the Stephen Ross poll, follow the link to that as well.

May 2012: 65%
June 2012: 73%
July 2012: 66%
August 2012: 40%
September 2012: Omitted

Now, it's time to vote: