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Miami Dolphins October 2012 Approval Ratings: Stephen Ross

After a one month hiatus, our regular monthly look at the feeling of the fans with regard to the top three men in the Miami Dolphins organization returns this week. Our first poll will feature Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Starting back in May, the Phinsider community has had a chance to vote on their approval ratings of each of the top three men in the Miami Dolphins organization. After missing last month due to the start of the NFL season and the change over to the new SB Nation United platform, the polls return starting today with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

All you have to do is vote in the poll below, letting us know if you approve of the job Ross is doing with the team, disapprove of it, or you are unsure of how you want to vote.

Looking back over the past four polls, Ross saw the same fluctuation as Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin. Following the draft, the approval ratings started to trend up, then we got to training camp and the preseason, and things started to fall. Here's a look at all of the previous results for Ross:

May 2012: 55%
June 2012: 68%
July 2012: 63%
August 2012: 42%
September 2012: Omitted

Now, it's time to vote. You can find the poll below.