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Rams at Dolphins Inactive Players

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The Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams are about an hour from kickoff. Both teams have been racked by injuries lately, leading to some big name players ending up on the inactive players list.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

Here are the inactive players for the St. Louis Rams at Miami Dolphins game this afternoon:

Rams: Danny Amendola (WR), Matt Conrath (DT), Matt Daniels, Austin Davis (QB), Terrance Ganaway (RB), Mario Haggan (LB), William Hayes (DE), Brit Miller (FB), Rodger Saffold (OT)

Dolphins: Pat Devlin (QB), Michael Egnew (TE), Jabar Gaffney (WR), Richard Marshall (CB), Rishard Matthews (WR), Daniel Thomas (RB), Will Yeatman (OT)