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Miami Dolphins Running Back Daniel Thomas Could Miss St. Louis Rams Game

Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas was forced to leave last week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals after receiving a concussion late in the fourth quarter. Now, he could be in danger of missing the team's game this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

As the Miami Dolphins looked to close out the Cincinnati Bengals last week, running back Daniel Thomas was given the ball in an effort to run time off of the clock. However, the second year tailback received a concussion and was forced to leave the game. Now, it appears Thomas could miss this week's contest against the St. Louis Rams with lingering concussion symptoms.

Whenever a player receives a concussion, NFL rules require that they clear both team medical personnel tests, and a independent medical examiner's tests. Those tests, which chart brain activity, compare current brain function with a baseline established by the player prior to any concussion. If a player cannot pass those tests, they cannot be cleared for contact drills during practice or play in a game.

As of now, it appears Thomas has not been able to clear those tests.

This is the second time this season that Thomas has been concussed. Thomas was injured in the Dolphins' Week 1 contest against the Houston Texans this season and was held out of practice all week and the game against the Oakland Raiders in Week 2. He was able to pass the tests and return to practice leading into Week 3.