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Lions at Saints NFL Wildcard Playoffs Live Thread

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After the Houston Texans opened the NFL Playoffs hosting the Cincinnati Bengals, the night cap tonight has the Detroit Lions at the New Orleans Saints. For the first time in league history, two quarterbacks who threw for 5,000 yards will face each other - and expect it to be a track meet tonight.

The Lions will be looking to utilize the Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson connection, while the Saints will be using the Drew Brees to...well, anyone in a Saints jersey.

The Saints are 8-0 this season in the Superdome, and they have done it in dominating fashion, averaging 41.1 points per game in New Orleans, holding opponents to just 17.9.

This has the makings of a great game, if the Lions can keep up with New Orleans. Hopefully, they will at least keep it interesting.