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Miami Dolphins Coach Search Continues; Fisher Decision Still Awaited

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The Miami Dolphins continue to search for their next head coach, as word of a decision from Jeff Fisher continues to not come. Fisher, the former Tennessee Titans head coach, is considered the top candidate for the Miami position, but has also been interviewed by the St. Louis Rams this week. Yesterday, word came that Fisher had limited his job hunt to the Dolphins or Rams jobs. But, the waiting game was expected to last through the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins interviewed Green Bay Packer Joe Philbin yesterday. Or, maybe it should be, the Dolphins are interviewing Philbin. The Packers' offensive coordinator is expected to stay in Miami on Saturday, and continue a second day of the interview process.

The fact that the interview is heading into a second day could signal that Philbin has impressed Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland. It could mean that, if Fisher decides to head to the NFC West, the Dolphins have found their coach.

Or, it could just mean they wanted to talk to Philbin a little more.

The question surrounding Philbin is, how much of the offense does he actually coordinate? Packers head coack Mike McCarthy calls the plays. So, what exactly is Philbin's role, and how much of the offense is his?

It makes looking at Philbin and saying, yes, that's the guy that can run a team, much more difficult to confirm. But, being in a prolific offense, an offense that, as the coordinator, Philbin has never seen dip below tenth in the NFL, has to mean something.

Could Ross and Ireland be ready to break out of the power running offense of Tony Sparano, an offense similar to what Fisher would bring to Miami, in favor of Green Bay's scheme? Does the interest in Philbin signal the Dolphins are also interested in soon-to-be free agent Matt Flynn, who has served as the second string quarterback in Green Bay since 2008. Could the Dolphins be preparing to bring in Philbin, the Packers offensive system, and a quarterback familiar with that system in one big swoop?

Either way, the wait in Miami continues.