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Miami Dolphins Coaching Search Continues With Packers OC Philbin

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The Miami Dolphins are expected to continue the search for their next head coach with an interview of Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Philbin has been with the Packers since 2003, initially serving as their assistant offensive line coach for a year.

He added responsibility for the tight ends in 2004, then moved up to become the offensive line coach in 2006. Philbin took over as the team's offensive coordinator in 2007, serving in that role for the last five seasons.

Since he took over as the Packers' offensive coordinator, the team has never been ranked lower than tenth in points scored and total yards for the season, along with winning the Super Bowl last season.

The Dolphins interest in Philbin, and the expected interview, was tweeted by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Bob McGinn

#Packers O-coordiinator Joe Philbin will have another h-coach shot. The #Dolphins will interview Philbin by the weekend. He was in KC Wed.

The Dolphins are currently awaiting to hear word from their top candidate, Jeff Fisher, who was interviewing with the St. Louis Rams yesterday. Reports have come out on both sides, saying each team is the favorite to land the former Tennessee Titans coach. The Dolphins have also interviewed their interim head coach Todd Bowles and the Chicago Bears' special teams coach Dave Toub.

If the Dolphins hire Philbin, speculation is the team would then pursue current Packers backup quarterback, and soon to be free agent, Matt Flynn as their quarterback. Flynn was a seventh round pick of the Packers in 2008, and has served as Aaron Rodgers' backup since the draft. Flynn has two starts in the NFL, including a franchise record setting performance for the Packers, a team with Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Rodgers all having played for them, when on January 1st of this year, Flynn threw for 480-yards and 6 touchdowns in a 45-41 victory over the Detroit Lions.