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Miami Dolphins "Advisor" Carl Peterson - What Should Fans Know?

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Over the last few days, the rumors of former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson joining the Miami Dolphins as their next football czar. Then again, the reports come out right after those rumors that Peterson won't be hired by the Dolphins. Either way, right now, Peterson is an "advisor" to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

But, if Peterson is going to be directly involved in the Dolphins search for a new head coach, whether he eventually becomes an official part of the franchise or not, we as fans need to know exactly who Peterson is. With Peterson having been with the Kansas City Chiefs from 1989 until 2008 , what better way to learn about Peterson than from our SB Nation sister blog, the outstanding Arrowhead Pride.

I asked Joel Thorman for his impression of what the Dolphins would be getting with Peterson, He replied:

"Carl Peterson was extremely successful with the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1990s, and sporadically in the 2000s. The Chiefs were among the winningest teams that decade, they always had a supreme defense and they made the playoffs almost every year. They were, in many respects, a model franchise in that decade. Things fell off a bit in the 2000s but overall the Chiefs were generally a good (but not Super Bowl caliber) team in Peterson's tenure.

"Peterson was good at a lot of things, the Chiefs had some great players that he drafted -- lookin' at you, Derrick Thomas -- and you have to give him credit for that. But you also have to recognize two big blemishes on his record -- 1.) The Chiefs never drafted and developed a franchise quarterback, or even a decent backup, in Peterson's time. 2.) The Chiefs never made it to the Super Bowl in his time (and, in fact, they didn't win a playoff game from January 1994 to Peterson's exit in December 2008). Those are two big misses in nearly two decades at the helm.

"So Peterson's a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, he built great Chiefs teams with lots of good players that he drafted but he was never able to build a complete team (i.e. one with a quarterback). He always took the veteran route when it came to acquiring quarterbacks -- three straight backup 49ers QBs in Joe Montana, Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac -- and I think the ability to draft a quarterback is a requirement at this point. Peterson never showed he could do that."

Like Joel said, drafting a quarterback is probably a requirement in Miami right now. And, if Peterson can't do that, that's not a promising situation - especially if the rumors of Peterson being hired and forcing Ireland out and taking the player decisions for himself, or for one of his former staff from his days with the Chiefs, are true.

I would like to thank Joel for taking the time to give us a little but about Peterson. Now we all have to sit back and wait to see what role Peterson truly has - or winds up getting - with the Dolphins, and how much sway he has over his friend and business partner Ross.