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2012 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation

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SB Nation has put out its most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft today, with a new trading partner moving up to take the St. Louis Rams' second overall pick, and land Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. Unfortunately for us as fans of the Miami Dolphins, Ryan van Bibber doesn't see it being Miami working the deal with St. Louis.

Instead, van Bibber has the Washington Redskins making the move up to that second overall spot.

"Washington could be a suitor for Peyton Manning, but that's a lot of risk for all involved. Instead, the Redskins swing a deal with the Rams, giving St. Louis a pair of first round draft picks (and more) for the rights to RG3."

Instead, with the ninth overall pick, van Bibber see the Dolphins taking Riley Reiff, the offensive tackle from Iowa. Of the pick, van Bibber writes:

"The Dolphins need another offensive tackle. Jake Long has dealt with a cascade of injuries over the last season and a half, culminating in a torn bicep. Reiff upgrades the right tackle spot, but he also offers some insurance for Long."

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