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Phinsider Yahoo! Fantasy Football Recap

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As you probably remember, the Phinsider teamed up with Yahoo! Sports to provide an official fantasy football league for the site. To make things even better, E_Dove generously donated a Dolphins jersey to the winner of the league, either a Dan Marino or a Larry Csonka "Greatest Players of the Century" jersey. Now, it's time to announce the winner of the league.

The league had 6 teams make the playoffs, with the top two seeds getting byes in Week 14. Our top team was Vontae's Inferno, controlled by small balls. Our second seed fell to Shaving Reggie's Bush, BSerious72's team.

The first round of the playoffs saw FirstTimer, DaBest99's team and the fourth seed, defeat Wade County Ballers, belonging to miamimike71 and the league's fifth seed, by a score of 152.18 to 96.40.

In the other quarterfinal matchup, NJ Fins, Finhead83's team and the third seed, took out Phungal Inphection, Schwanson's sixth seeded team, 143.14 to 128.48.

Moving into the semifinal games, Vontae's Inferno got into the action by defeating FirstTimer 115.18 to 115.00. But, that 0.18 winning margin wouldn't be the closest matchup in the playoffs. The other semin final saw NJ Fins upset Shaving Reggies Bush 129.40 to 129.36.

So, the championship game came down to our top seeded Vontae's Inferno and the third seed NJ Fins. With a final score of 132.02 to 96.16, the league champion is...............NJ Fins and Finhead83.

Congratulations to him!

The league's final standings looked like:

1. NJ Fins (Finhead83)

2. Vontae's Inferno (small balls)

3. Shaving Reggies Bush (BSerious72)

4. FirstTimer (DaBest99)

5. Phungal Inphection (Schwanson)

6. Wade County Ballers (miamimike71)

7. River City Rebels (Foy)

8. Cruces Crushers (Nete88)

9. FishNFinz (FishNFinz)

10. All The Eggs & Bacon (tenaciouslee)

11. killer b (Phinatic on Sullivans Island)

12. The Boondock Saints (Enhalen)

13. Gateway Gunslingers (Chupathingy)

14. Cleo2Camo (09cunliffe)

15. Hook 'em fins!!!!1! (dolger14)

16. God Squad (VA FinFan)

17. Phinsider_Mosul (Mosul_DolFan)

18. IA Phan (djdj113)

19. Mr. Phintastic (Mr. Phintastic)

20. Fin Factor (Neo)

It was a great season (even if I did finish in 17th place). With his win in the league, Finhead83 has the automatic slot in next season's league, and next year, we will stick to a smaller league.

Congrats again to Finhead83, and thanks to everyone who participated, as well as everyone who signed up for the lottery to get into the league.