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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Live Thread

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The NFL's 2012 Pro Bowl takes center stage tonight, as Super Bowl week officially kicks off with the league's annual all star exhibition. After a week of practices, interviews, and surfing lessons, the AFC will take on the NFC tonight, with the game televised on NBC.

In this year's game, Miami Dolphins fans will get to see wide receiver Brandon Marshall and nose tackle Paul Soliai on the field. Left tackle Jake Long was also selected for the team, but had to withdraw due to injury (torn bicep).

The game gets ridiculed every year, because it usually is a very uninspired contest, with defenses limited in what they can do, and offenses not clicking after just a week of practices. However, the game keeps drawing decent ratings (last year, it drew more than Game 1 of the World Series).

This game could be interesting for another reason. This year, there will be two computer stations setup on the sidelines, allowing players to tweet during the game. We'll see how many players actually use the stations, and what they are saying during the game. (There's a Twitter list below the jump)

So, despite the criticism, and the game not counting for anything, it continues to be played year-after-year, and it's not going away. And, it's at least another week of football as the 2011-2012 season draws to a close.

Enjoy the game. After tonight, there's only one football game left until August.

Here are the players who are participating in tonight's game, and have a Twitter account. We'll see if any of them tweet during the game from these stations.