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Miami Dolphins Set To Hire Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

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Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has spent the first few days of this week reviewing the current staff, along with interviewing potential candidates for his staff. The team seems close to landing Philbin's top choices for both the offensive and defensive coordinator positions - bringing over 60 years of coaching experience to the staff.

The Dolphins are poised to bring former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman in as the team's offensive coordinator. Sherman has spent the last four seasons as the head coach at Texas A&M, where he coached potential draft prospect Ryan Tannehill. Sherman was the Green Bay head coach from 2000-2005, during which time he hired Philbin, who had been a student in his high school English class at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts, to be the team's assistant offensive line coach. Philbin and Sherman have remained friends ever since.

Sherman had been considered a finalist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach position, only to see the position filled by former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano. Sherman spent yesterday with Philbin in Miami, discussing the position.

Meanwhile, the team also appears ready to land Kevin Coyle as their defensive coordinator. Coyle has spent his entire coaching career with the Cincinnati Bengals, including the last nine as the team's defensive backs coach. Since Coyle took over as the team's secondary coach in 2003, the Bengals have snagged 150 interceptions, the fifth highest total in the NFL over that period.

Coyle has known Philbin for several years, and reportedly attended the funeral for Philbin's son, Michael, who drowned in the Fox River in Wisconsin earlier this month.

Speculation yesterday also stated that, if Coyle did land the Dolphins job, he would bring with him the Jacksonville Jaguars linebackers coach Mark Duffner. Duffner, who has spent time with both Philbin and Coyle during his coaching career, would be brought in as the Dolphins' linebackers coach and assistant head coach.

Although neither Sherman or Coyle had been named to the job as of last night, both hirings were considered imminent by multiple sources, barring any last minute breakdowns in talks. Now, it's just a matter of finalizing the details before two major vacancies in Philbin's staff are filled.

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