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Miami Dolphins Landing Matt Flynn? Aaron Rodgers Sees Strong Possibilty

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The Miami Dolphins have made it no secret that they want to upgrade the quarterback position. In fact, during his recent Senior Bowl press availability, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland stated that the team needs a quarterback who can "put his team on his shoulders." There is a ton of speculation floating right now that the Dolphins could be eyeing soon-to-be free agent Matt Flynn as that guy.

Flynn has served as the Green Bay Packers backup quarterback for the past four seasons. Working behind starter Aaron Rodgers, Flynn studied and became fluent in the Green Bay offense. Now, the Packers former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is the Dolphins' head coach - fueling the speculation that Miami would make a run at Flynn.

Yesterday, on Rodgers' weekly appearance on ESPN Milwaukee, the Packers Pro Bowler stated, ""I think it's a strong possibility that [the Dolphins] would make a run at him. I think it kind of makes sense. Joe [Philbin] in that system, which I'm sure is going to be very similar to this system, and Matt having a great grasp of that and playing well in his recent opportunities. I think it would kind of make sense to bring Matt out there."

But, the Dolphins aren't the only team that Rodgers thinks could - or should - make a run at Flynn.

"John Schneider [Seattle Seahawks general manager] knows Matt and he's pulling some strings up there with them," Rodgers said. "I think that would be an opportunity for him up there. Those are probably, in my opinion, the two top dogs that would go after him. There's got to be at least five or six teams who legitimately should take a look at Matt and see him being an immediate improvement over what they have at quarterback.

"I think with a talent like Matt, he would have success in just about any offense you plug him into," Rodgers continued. "I think you could see maybe a little bit more immediate success in an offense he's very familiar with, so I think you have to look at Miami, obviously."

The Dolphins could pursue Flynn this offseason. However, the team is also thought to have possible free agent Peyton Manning, who the Indianapolis Colts may cut rather than pay a $28 million bonus, as their number one target. Miami is also pursuing former Green Bay Packers and Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman to be the team's offensive coordinator, with the associated speculation that Miami could draft Aggies quarterback Ryan Tannehill in April.