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2012 Senior Bowl: Draft Stock Report for Days 2-3

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If day one of the 2012 Senior Bowl was about weigh-ins and introductory practices for both the North and South squads, days two and three were about the match-ups in one-on-one drills. A handful of players have dominated practices thus far this week, while a few others have done much to snuff their draft stock. First, let's check out the players who have turned heads in Mobile, Ala., this week.

Stock rising ...

Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina

Big surprise, right? Coples might've been on cruise control for the majority of his senior season at North Carolina, but he has absolutely made up for that by burying his match-ups the last two days. Everyone knows Coples is an excellent run defender, but he has really shown off his skills as a pass-rusher this week. It's safe at this point to call Coples a fierce defensive end prospect with mountain-like upside.

Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB South Carolina

Ingram's weigh-in on Monday wasn't anything to write home about, but he's been a terror in practice all week long. A certified tweener, Ingram will likely be considered one of the premier edge-rushing linebackers in this draft, but he's also a fascinating defensive end prospect. Honestly, he'll probably become a force at either position.

Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State

Cousins is a quarterback prospect who has plenty of leadership and brains, but boasts only adequate measurables (though I do think he has impressive arm strength). Nevertheless, you wont see many teams this year thumbing their nose at brains-over-brawn quarterbacks in the draft (mainly due to the insane success Andy Dalton had in 2011), which means a player like Cousins can easily move into the second-round consideration this spring if he has some strong pre-draft practices. He's off to a good start this week.

Stock falling ...

Jeff Fuller, WR Texas A&M

It's hard to believe Jeff Fuller was actually considered a first-round prospect at one point. Fuller has absolutely murdered his draft stock by looking sluggish and disinterested during practices this week. He's also fighting the ball right now and has been completely unable to get separation from defensive backs.

Chris Polk, RB Washington

I thought Chris Polk looked fantastic during Washington's bowl game against Baylor in late December, but he has looked miserable in practices this week. Polk isn't in the upper echelon for running backs (Trent Richardson, Lamar Miller, David Wilson, etc.) in this draft class, but he certainly looked like a potential second-round pick last season. At this point, however, Polk looks like a mid-round prospect with marginal upside. Hopefully he turns things around while in Mobile and shows everyone the athleticism and play-making ability he put on display against Baylor last month.

Michael Brewster, C Ohio State

Good grief, what happened to this guy? Brewster looked like a franchise-caliber center throughout his junior season in Columbus, but he took a few giant steps back in 2011. Brewster's technique in pass pro looks flat and uninspired right now, and he's getting pushed around by defenders of all shapes and sizes. In a draft class boasting a weak selection of centers, Brewster could do himself a huge favor by getting himself together and locking down his match-ups the rest of this week. Brewster is a talented prospect who just isn't playing his best right now.

I'll be back later today with my first all-Dolphins mock draft.