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Phinsider Announcement

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I am pleased to add another author to the site. As you all may have noticed, the "Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed" piece has been missing from the site as of late. With my move back to Texas, and some other things going on right now, I have not been able to keep up with the posting of that piece, despite the fact that it seems to be a very popular post. So, in order to bring back the daily post, I needed to find someone who could scour the internet, looking for the Dolphins stories being posted out there.

And, there is one person on this site who excels at finding the articles about the Dolphins, better than most. One person who seems to be able to make a Fan Shot about a story, even before the story is posted.

So, I would like to welcome Kdog92 to the site as our newest author. He will bring back, and I am sure improve upon, our daily "Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed" post, starting tomorrow.