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Saturday Morning Coffee Random Thoughts and Poll-Is Philbin the Right Choice?

So it is finally decided. Joe Philbin will be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Thus far the media seems to be positive but perhaps a little reserved on their take of the hire. There is of course the recent death of his son. Will he be able to pour himself in to a huge job after just experiencing such a terrible tragedy in his life? No one knows that and no one can say how that will affect him now or in the future. Will he be able to translate the sort of offense he engineered in Green Bay to the personnel in Miami? A lot of that depends on who the next QB is I suspect. Is he a leader, does he have that aura that makes men follow him? All word so far out of Green Bay says yes but like many things you do not know for sure until you see it in action. Lastly who are the coordinators and position coaches that he will surround himself with? Ultimately this may have the most impact on the team directly. Give me your thoughts below and do not forget to vote in our poll.