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Miami Dolphins 2011 Season Awards - Part One

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Over the past couple of weeks, the Phinsider has taken a look back at some of the great individual and team performances of the Miami Dolphins' 2011 season. While the 6-10 record was a large disappointment, there were some great contributions throughout the season. Now, it's time to announce the winners to the first half of the awards.

The first category was Miami Dolphins Rookie of the Year. The nominees included center Mike Pouncey, running back Daniel Thomas, tight end/full back Charles Clay, wide receiver Clyde Gates, and cornerback Jimmy Wilson. This vote, like many of you predicted in the comments for the thread, was not close. According to the Phinsider readers, the 2011 Miami Dolphins Rookie of the Year, with 77.77% of the 1,273 votes was, center Mike Pouncey.

Charles Clay came in second with 12.18%, followed by Jimmy Wilson with 4.79%.

Next, we turned to the Miami Breakout Player of the Year. The nominees were quarterback Matt Moore, running back Reggie Bush, defensive end Jared Odrick, cornerback Jimmy Wilson, and punter Brandon Fields. There were 779 votes logged for this vote, and 64.18% went to the winner (exactly 500). The 2011 Miami Dolphins Breakout Player of the Year is running back Reggie Bush.

Second place went to Matt Moore (25.67%) and third place was Jared Odrick (5.26%).

The third vote was for the Dolphins' Game of the Year. The nominees were each of the Dolphins' six wins, starting with the Week 9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins also won in Week 10 against the Washington Redskins, Weeks 11 and 15 over the Buffalo Bills, Week 12 against the Oakland Raiders, and Week 17 over the New York Jets. The winner took 372 of the 553 votes, or 62.27%. And the 2011 Miami Dolphins Game of the Year was the Week 17 win over the Jets 19-17.

Week 9 against the Chiefs took second with 14.1% and Week 12 over the Raiders took third with 9.04%.

The next poll asked who had the best single game performance of the year. The nominees included Chad Henne (Week 1 vs. Patriots; 30-for-49, 416 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 59 yards rushing, 1TD), Brandon Fields (Week 2 vs. Texans; 60.33 yards per punt average, Matt Moore (Week 9 at Chiefs; 17-for-23, 244 yards, 3 TDs, 147.5 passer rating), Jason Taylor (Week 14 vs. Eagles; 2 sacks), Reggie Bush (Week 15 at Bills; 25 carries, 203 yards, 1 TD), Vontae Davis (Week 15 at Bills; 2 INTs), and Randy Starks (Week 17 vs. Jets; 1 sack, 2 INTs). The 2011 Top Single Game Performance for the Miami Dolphins was Reggie Bush's 203 yards rushing against the Bills. Bush took 52.81% of the vote (357 of the 676 votes).

Embattled quarterback Chad Henne took second place with 21.89% and third place went to Matt Moore with 14.5%.

The final category for the first award winners post was the Moment of the Year. Looking back on the 2011 season, there was really one story that dominated everything. The nominees for the Moment of the Year were Jason Taylor's Final Game or Other. With 84.55% of the vote, Jason Taylor's Final Game took care of every other moment the Dolphins had.

Look for the second half of the awards, to include the offensive and defensive players of the year and MVP awards, tomorrow.

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