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Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Candidates: Will it be McCoy, Philbin, or Bowles?

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It's been a long, tough road over the past few months. We've shared blood, sweat, and tears together. Really? Ok not so much, but it sounded cool enough. Unfortunatey, everything must come to an end. This will likely be the final post. Oh, am I leaving the Phinsider? Nope! It's just that Miami's Head Coach is expected to be hired by Friday. You guys thought you could get rid of me that easily. Well, for a $20 bill in Mosul's pocket you probably could be rid of me (can't you at least make it $25 Mosul?), but that's another story.

The Dolphins will bring Mike McCoy, Joe Philbin, and Todd Bowles back for second interviews. Philbin is expected to interview today. McCoy and Bowles will interview tomorrow. Instead of doing a final coaching profile, I will instead gauge the opinion of The Phinsider crowd.

McCoy wasn't a very popular candidate with Dolphin fans and some may not have known who he was when he was first mentioned. His offense wasn't very impressive under Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow and he never did get much from Matt Moore during their time in Carolina. However, he's a well respected coach that gets John Fox's endorsement and he deserves credit for adapting Denver''s offense to Tebow.

Bowles is a name most know because he was already on Miami's coaching staff. He's another well respected coach and has interviewed for Head Coaching jobs in the past few years. So far it seems many Dolphin fans would prefer him to stay as DC instead of being Miami's Head Coach. That could be a possibility.

Philbin was the most popular candidate and was being discussed even before Tony Sparano was fired. Some don't prefer him because Mike McCarthy called plays in Green Bay. Many reports out there indicate he'd like to bring Tom Clements with him as OC if he was hired.

I think I have a feeling in how this poll would go. I feel many would prefer Philbin at HC, Clements at OC, and Bowls at DC. Still, I'm going to throw it out there. Which of the three candidates would you prefer?