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Miami Dolphins History: Perfection Found Today

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As the Miami Dolphins look to find a new head coach and put the lack-luster 2011 season behind them, today has a special meaning to the franchise. On January 14, 1973, Super Bowl VII was played, with the Washington Redskins playing the Miami Dolphins in the Los Angeles Coliseum. At the end of the day, the Miami Dolphins would be Super Bowl Champions - and complete the only undefeated season in NFL history.

The Dolphins were actually three point underdogs coming in to the game, despite their 16-0 record. However, the Dolphins would prove that they were the better team almost as soon as the opening gun sounded. The Dolphins would score 14 points in the first half of the game, holding the Redskins to just 1 play inside Miami territory in the half.

The second half saw the Redskins able to move the ball a little better, including the opening drive of the half where the Redskins marched to the Miami 17-yard line before a sack stalled the drive, and the Redskins missed the ensuing field goal.

The only miscue on the day for the Dolphins was Garo Yepremian's all time sports blooper. The Dolphins were lining up with two-minutes remaining in the game for a field goal - one that would make the score 17-0 in the game destined to make the Dolphins 17-0 on the year. However, the kick would be blocked, only to have the ball come back to Yepremian. Garo, for some reason, scooped up the ball and appeared to try to throw a pass - to whom no one will ever know. The ball slid right out of Yepremian's hand and was recovered by Mike Bass of the Redskins, who returned it 49-yards for the only points the Redskins would score all game.

The Redskins would attempt an onside kick, but would not recover. Then their defense would shut down Miami, getting the ball back for their offense. The Miami "No Name Defense" would immediately kill any Redskins chances, getting the ball back on downs and letting the offense kill the clock.

Miami quarterback Bob Griese would finish the game just 8-for-11 for 88-yards, with a touchdown and an interception. Running back Larry Csonka carried the ball 15 times for 112-yards, while Jim Kiick had 12 rushes for 38-yards and a touchdown and Mercury Morris went 34-yards on 10 carries. Safety Jake Scott would be named the game's MVP, recording two interceptions and 63-yards on returns.