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Miami Dolphins Coaching Candidates

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With Jeff Fisher out of the Miami Dolphins' hunt for a new head coach, it's time for the Dolphins to look elsewhere to find the right man for the job. Maybe the most amazing part of the Jeff Fisher saga is how polarizing a figure he became. Before his decision there were posts comments discussing how horrible a hire he would be, and how he would lead the Dolphins through another 3-5 years of mediocrity. Fisher only had six winning seasons in his 16 with the Tennessee Titans.

Now that Fisher has spurned the Dolphins for the Rams, there are posts and comments explaining how the team will now face 3-5 years of mediocrity because they couldn't land Fisher.

Either way, Miami is on to the next candidate, with a "mystery" interview today. Speculation is the unknown person heading to Miami today is actually Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub returning for a second interview. Toub has the early lead as the top candidate for Miami, although owner Stephen Ross did state yesterday that the team plans to interview candidates still in the playoffs

Miami has also interviewed their interim head coach Todd Bowles, Green Bay Packers Joe Philbin, and Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

So, today, it's time to look at whom I would like to see the Dolphins interview over the course of this search. This is not the list of guys I would like the Dolphins to hire. It's a list of guys I would like to see Miami interview.

In no particular order:

  • Rob Chudzinski, Offensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers
  • Pete Carmichael, Jr., Offensive Coordinator, New Orleans Saints
  • Marty Schottenheimer, Head Coach, Virginia Destroyers (UFL)
  • Jim Fassel, Head Coach, Las Vegas Locomotives (UFL)
  • Winston Moss, Assistant Head Coach, Green Bay Packers
  • Rick Dennison, Offensive Coordinator, Houston Texans
  • Gary Patterson, Head Coach, TCU
  • June Jones, Head Coach, SMU
  • Gene Chizik, Head Coach, Auburn University
  • Chip Kelly, Head Coach, University of Oregon
  • Mike Gundy, Head Coach, Oklahoma State
  • Greg Schiano, Head Coach, Rutgers
  • Mike Nolan, Defensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins
  • Dennis Allen, Defensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos
  • Chad Pennington (Thanks to Matty I for this one - I like it)

Who else do you think could or should get an interview. The Dolphins should look everywhere to find the right guy. There isn't a time table for this. The team does not have to worry about recruiting starting, and they have to wait until at least the week before Super Bowl if any of the potential candidates make it that far. Why not start interviewing as many people, with as many different backgrounds, as possible? Find the guy who crushed the interview, and you may have found your guy.

Other than fuel for the helicopter, what does an interview really cost the team?