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Miami Dolphins' Coach Search: Jeff Fisher Saga Day III

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The Miami Dolphins' search for a new head coach has come down to waiting for Jeff Fisher. Fisher has been the Dolphins' top choice for their coaching vacancy, and now it's a waiting game.

Rumors continue to fly as Decision Day begins for the third consecutive time. But, today's the day. No, really. Unless he decides to wait until tomorrow. Or Sunday. Maybe Monday. But, today's the day.

Yesterday, word leaked out that Fisher has already built his staff, and just has to decide which team, the Dolphins or the St. Louis Rams, he wants. Officially, neither team has "offered" Fisher their position, but that's a matter of semantics. The jobs haven't been "offered" simply so that, when Fisher decides on a team, the other team can say they never offered it to him. It's a word game, and one that, yesterday when Fisher's camp leaked that he was deciding between two teams who hadn't offered the job, sent fans into a tailspin.

But, the decision will come today.....right?

We learned yesterday that Fisher's decision does not necessarily come down to money. Fisher is trying to find the best fit, and the owner that assures him that he can operate how he wants to operate. A series of tweets from Chris Kouffman, of and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, gave some insight to the Fisher situation yesterday:

Chris Kouffman
Schefter revealed a LOT to Sid Rosenberg. He basically confirmed what I speculated about Fisher wanting a clause in contract about LA move

Chris Kouffman
Schefter also reveals that Fisher HAS HIS STAFF ZIPPED UP. iI's done. When he gets the concessions he wants, staff already put together.

Chris Kouffman
Schefter says if it were up to Jeff Fisher, all this would be done. Fisher thought it would be done 2 days ago.

Chris Kouffman
Schefter: Fisher is a big Jeff Ireland fan, in fact if Ireland were available and Fisher went to StL, he might even hire him as his GM

Chris Kouffman
Dolphins still have a slight edge, if they work out the things Fisher wants, he's a Miami Dolphin. If not, he's a St Louis Ram.

Chris Kouffman
Fisher wants his authority mapped out in excruciating detail, right down to how many chiropractors he can bring on the road, catering, etc

Chris Kouffman
Honestly it sounds like a dude that was scarred by a bad owner and doesn't want that again. Wants everything in writing.

Maybe the most interesting part of that is the Jeff Ireland portion. Many fans blame Ireland for all things Miami Dolphins right now, including the fact that the Dolphins' can't offer Fisher the choice of GMs because they already have one. But,, Kouffman insists through a series of tweet later in the night, that Ireland isn't actually the hold up. If Dolphins owner Stephen Ross were to fire Ireland, then Fisher went to St. Louis, it's a very good possibility that Fisher would get Ireland to be his GM in St. Louis. The issue is how to work the power issue with the Dolphins right now. Ireland's contract states he answers only to Ross. But, now, Fisher wants final say on personnel. How does Ross fix that?

So, Fisher is looking for confirmation, in his contract, that Ross will not meddle in the team's affairs. Fisher did not enjoy his experience, despite the 16 years he was employed by the Tennessee Titans organization, with owner Bud Adams. Adams would dictate limitations on Fisher, that Fisher felt handcuffed him.

Fisher is also afraid of having a repeat of the Titans move from Houston. With rumors floating that the Rams could be looking to return to Los Angeles, Fisher wants a clause in his contract, especially from the Rams, that a relocation woul dnot cause him to lose seasons of a fan base and home field advantage, along with the budget cuts necessary to make the move, without some sort of compensation.

The Dolphins seem to be in the power seat in the decision process, but Fisher's comfort level in the midwest, could finally drive him to the Rams. But, today is decision day. At least until tomorrow.