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The Jeff Fisher Watch Live Thread: Day Two

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Jeff Fisher was reported to make his decision last night, but as the day went on, it was said it could be an overnight decision. Well, now we're into day two. What exactly was reported yesterday?

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network kicked off the day by reporting Fisher was on the verge of signing with the Dolphins. Lombardi said, "it appears he will choose the Fins. Fisher wants no part of a potential relocation and feels more comfortable with the structure in place in Miami than St. Louis." FOX and ESPN maintained he hadn't yet decided. Lombardi then later said Fisher is "leaning towards the Dolphins right now" but "he keeps going back and forth."

Fox's Jay Glazer later said "those close to Fisher said he's legitimately torn and going back and forth. He's swung from the Rams back toward the Fins, then back again and now back. The Fins thought they were out of it this weekend. The Rams thought he was coming there. He went to visit the Rams, things changed." Glazer reported the possibility of the Rams relocating was a big issue for Fisher. If you remember, Fisher was with the Oilers when they moved to Memphis and then Nashville.

ESPN joined The Watch late last night when Chris Mortensen reported late last night that Fisher has not decided which team to choose. Shocking midnight news!

So here we are, again, waiting on Jeff Fisher. Once again, many of the writers feel today is the day. So here we are... watching... waiting...