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Miami Dolphins Coach Search: Dolphins Contact Chip Kelly, Just Kidding Edition

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The Miami Dolphins coach search continued to its ninth day today, with all eyes still on former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher is expected to make his announcement as early as today as he chooses between the Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams.

Miami, meanwhile, have continued to make plans for Fisher to announce he's is headed to St. Louis. The team is interviewing Cincinnati Bengals coach Mike Zimmer today. Zimmer and Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland worked together in Dallas from 2003 to 2006. He was appointed the Cowboys' defensive coordinator in 2000, remaining with the team for seven years in that role, despite numerous coaching changes. Zimmer ever changed his defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme when Bill Parcells took over as the team's coach in 2003. With having never run the scheme, Zimmer led the defense to the to ranked defense in the league that year.

He moved to the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, before moving on to the Bengals in 2008. The Bengals were seventh in yards allowed this season.

Miami has also set up an interview with Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey as the team awaits word from Fisher. Interestingly, the Rams, yesterday, set up their first coaching search interview other than Fisher, tapping Denver Broncos' defensive coodinator Dennis Allen as a possible replacement for Steve Spagunolo.

Reports last night linked the Dolphins with University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, with Miami contact Kelly's agent. However, those reports have since been refuted.

The Dolphins have been busy in the nine days since the end of the season, interviewing Fisher and Zimmer, along with their own interim head coach Todd Bowles, Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub, and Green Bay Packers' offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Philbin is currently dealing with family tragedy, as his 21-year-old son was found dead in a river yesterday after being missing since 2 am Sunday morning.

The Dolphins have made it clear that Fisher is their top choice for the position, and multiple reports have said they won't allow the Rams to outbid them for the coach's services. However, Fisher is thought to prefer to go to the NFC West, a team with a quarterback in place, and a midwest team, similar to the Nashville home of the Titans. However, multiple reports come out every day linking Fisher to both teams. The unpredictable nature of Fisher's decision continues to frustrate fans who simply want to know who their head coach will be.

But, the Dolphins, and the Rams, will continue to wait, hoping to have a decision today. If not, Miami will continue to interview possible alternatives, and be ready to go once a decision is made.