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Miami Dolphins 2011 Season Odds from

With the NFL season rapidly approaching (opening night is just four days away), I thought it would be interesting to look at how the odds makers were treating the Miami Dolphins.  I looked at both the team odds, as well as all the prop bets available for Dolphins players.  To accomplish this, I headed back over to

As we discussed on here before, the Miami Dolphins over/under for wins is set at 7.5.  Basically, the odds makers seem to think Miami will be about equal to last season's 7&9 record.

The Dolphins are last in the highest scoring team bets, with a 100:1 odds mark.  Those odds tie the Dolphins with the Washington Redskins, the Seattle Seahawks, the Cleveland Browns, and the Chicago Bears.

Interestingly, the AFC East is third in the "Which Division Will have the Highest Win Percentage" category, at a 4:1 odds mark, while they lead the league in the "Which Division will the Super Bowl Winner Come From" odds, coming in at 7:2.

As for the players, Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas has 6:1 odds to end up being the NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.  These odds results in the rookie coming in fourth behind Julion Jones (5:1), Mark Ingram (5:1), or Cam Newton (11:2).

Miami quarterback Chad Henne's throwing yardage is set at 3250 yards.  He also has a 16.5 touchdown over/under, while a 17.5 over/under for interceptions.

Running back Reggie Bush find himself with a 650 yard over/under for rushing yards, along with 350 receiving yards, and 8 over/under for total touchdowns.  Meanwhile, Thomas comes in with a 550 rushing yardage and 4.5 touchdown over/unders.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was assigned an over/under of 1000 yards receiving, along with 6 touchdown over/under, and 90 receptions.  Fellow wide out Davone Bess is sitting at  750 yards receiving over/under.

The last two individual prop bets belong to Cameron Wake and Tony Sparano.  Wake, a linebacker and sack specialist, is currently set with a 10 over/under in sacks this year.  Sparano, meanwhile, is even money on if the coach will be back next year.

That's all the bets Bodog is currently listing for the Dolphins.  The team was not included in odds for any players getting the most passing yard in the 2011 NFL, any running back in the rushing totals for the season, and most receiving yards for the season.  

But, no matter what, the Dolphins will continue to fly under the radar early this season.  And, given the underdog mentality, having a "us versus the world" outlook may be the best thing the Dolphins could have this year.  And, hopefully, the Dolphins are "over" for most of these categories (except maybe that Henne interception mark).