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Yahoo! Phinsider Fantasy Football Update - And Prize Announcement

Time once again to provide an update on the Phinsider's Official Fantasy Football league, brought to us by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

So far, the majority of the league is a big jumble of teams with 2-1 or 1-2 records.  Two teams (Vontae's Inferno and Gateway Gunslingers) have made it through three weeks unscathed, sporting 3-0 records.  Hook 'em fins!!!1! and IA Phan have yet to find the win column.

We also have an announcement.  Out own E_Dove, who isn't even in the league, has offered to donate a Dolphins jersey to the winner of the league.  Our league champion will be able to select from either a Dan Marino or a Larry Csonka "Greatest Players of the Century" jersey.  Thank you very much to him for this offer!

For more information, weekly results, and current standings, make the jump.

Week 2's results:

Shaving Reggies Bush defeated killer b 106.46 to 98.08.

Gateway Gunslingers slid past NJ Fins winning 99.34 to 95.58.

Cruces Crushers beat Hook 'em fin!!!1! 110.30 to 95.42.

All The Eggs & Bacon defeated Cleo2Camo 99.02 to 95.92.

In Week 2's closest game, Vontae's Inferno held on to beat IA Phan 113.54 to 111.52.

God Squad beat River City Rebels 137.62 to 126.76.

Phinsider_Mosul defeated The Boondock Saints 117.24 to 104.50.

The largest margin of victory in Week 2 belongs to Wade County Ballers, who beat FirstTimer 137.22 to 85.02.

Phungal Infection beat Fin Factor 131.20 to 114.48.

Mr. Phintastic's 123.10 points were enough to defeat FishNFinz's 88.82

Week 3 Results:

In Week 3's Biggest Blowout, Phungal Infection defeated IA Phan 143.30 to 91.46.

Curces Crushers lost to Gateway Gunslingers by a 110.00-102.06 score.

God Squad came up with 11.76 points to put them atop Wade County Ballers' 91.34 effort.

In the lowest scoring game of the season, Fin Factor defeated Phinsider_Mosul 85.74 to 57.18.

Shaving Reggies Bush snuck past River City Rebels 94.62 to 92.22.

The Boondock Saints fell to FirstTimer by a final of 113.28 to 101.22.

Cleo2Camo defeated Mr. Phinstastic 134.74-129.30.

Killer b scored 115.36 points to top Hook 'em fins !!!1!'s 112.60.

NJ Fins beat FishNFinz 106.66 to 101.98

Vontae's Inferno stayed undefeated by beating All The Eggs & Bacon 117.20-104.94.


Following three weeks of competition, currently the standings look like:

Joe Robbie Division Dan Marino Division
Team Record Games Back Team Record Games Back
Gateway Gunslingers 3-0-0 ----- FirstTimer 2-1-0 -----
The Boondock Saints 1-2-0 2 Phungal Inphection 2-1-0 -----
NJ Fins 1-2-0 2 Cruces Crushers 2-1-0 -----
Fin Factor 1-2-0 2 FishNFinz 1-2-0 1
Phinsider_Mosul 1-2-0 2 Hook 'em fins!!!1! 0-3-0 2
Zach Thomas Division Don Shula Division
Vontae's Inferno 3-0-0 ----- God Squad 2-1-0 -----
Mr. Phintastic 2-1-0 1 Cleo2Camo 2-1-0 -----
Wade County Ballers 2-1-0 1 Shaving Reggies Bush 2-1-0 -----
killer b 1-2-0 2 River City Rebels 1-2-0 1
IA Phan 0-3-0 3 All The Eggs & Bacon 1-2-0 1

League Records:

Highest 1 Week Score: Mr. Phintastic (Week 1 - 144.84 points)

Highest Average Score: Phungal Inphection (135.45 points)

Lowest 1 Week Score: Phinsider_Mosul (Week 3 - 57.18 points)

Lowest Average Score: Phinsider_Mosul (90.79 points)

Updated Strength of Schedule:

Hardest Strength of Schedule: FirstTimer

Easiest Strength of Schedule: Cruces Crushers

Week 4 Schedule:

Phinsider_Mosul @ NJ Fins

Cruces Crushers @ Mr. Phintastic

Wade County Ballers @ Fin Factor

God Squad @ Cleo2Camo

Gateway Gunslingers @ Hook 'em fins!!!1!

Phungal Inphection @ The Boondock Saints

IA Phan @ River City Rebels

Shaving Reggies Bush @ FishNFinz

FirstTimer @ Vontae's Inferno

killer b @ All The Eggs & Bacon

And, just in case you forgot who controls which team:

Joe Robbie Division: Dan Marino Division:
The Boondock Saints (Enhalen) Cruces Crushers (Nete88)
Fin Factor (Neo) FirstTimer (DaBest99)
Gateway Gunslingers (Chupathingy) FishNFinz (FishNFinz)
NJ Fins (Finhead83) Hook 'em fins!!!1! (dolger14)
Phinsider_Mosul (Mosul_DolFan) Phungal Inphection (Schwanson)
Zach Thomas Division: Don Shula Division:
IA Phan (djdj113) All The Eggs & Bacon Z (tenaciouslee)
killer b (Phinatic on Sullivans Island) Cleo2Camo (09cunliffe)
Mr. Phintastic (Mr. Phintastic) God Squad (Va FinFan)
Vontae's Inferno (small balls) River City Rebels (Foy)
Wade County Ballers (miamimike71) Shaving Reggies Bush (BSerious72)