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Miami Dolphins Roster Cuts Live Thread

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of one of, if not the, hardest days in the NFL - roster cuts day.  By 6pm tonight, every NFL team must submit their 53 man roster.  With rosters as high as 80 players this morning, today is a hectic day in the NFL.

And a day of stress among players fighting for their NFL lives.  Some of these players are rookies hoping to continue playing the game they loved.  Players who have never been told they aren't good enough in their lives.

Some of these players are the veterans hoping to last another year or two, trying to make one more roster before they call it quits.

Unfortunately, I won't be around for most of it this evening.  My unit is working at the Florida A&M football game tonight, and it will pull me away from my computer (although, there is wireless, so maybe.....).

Feel free to discuss the cuts as they happen in this thread.  And, as soon as I can, I will update the site with a story about the cuts.

Roster Status:

75 (22 cuts remaining)

The cuts that have been made are after the jump:

Currently Cut:

QB Kevin O'Connell

WR John Matthews

TE Dedrick Epps

S Gerald Alexander

S Mark Restelli