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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 9/27/11

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Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns Reactions:

Dave Hyde | Sun Sentinel blogs | Hyde5: How is Ireland's work not front and center, too?
Will Jeff Ireland skate through questioning?

Five Things We Learned In Week Three! | The Finsiders - Miami Dolphins
It doesn't get any easier for the Miami Dolphins this week as they travel out west to take on the San Diego Chargers on Sunday at 4:15 pm. 

Commentary: Miami Dolphins (0-3) are showing that everyone from Parcells to Ireland to Sparano deserve blame for building a bad team
As stunningly bad as it was going toward the end of Miami's total meltdown at Cleveland on Sunday, a frantic fourth-and-10 situation for Colt McCoy and the Browns would have been a very good deal for the reeling Dolphins defense.

Dolphins Coaches:

Tony Sparano in 'tough spot' with Miami Dolphins at 0-3 - ESPN
Linebacker Karlos Dansby says the Miami Dolphins are playing to save coach Tony Sparano's job, which might mean he's doomed.

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano defiant despite 0-3 record - Miami Dolphins -
Dolphins coach Tony Sparano defended the play of Chad Henne and Reggie Bush, among others, despite Sunday’s deflating loss to the Browns, but at least one player said Sparano’s ‘job is on the line’ and the team must improve.

Dolphins Quarterbacks:

Miami Dolphins’ Chad Henne not ready to become a hero - Greg Cote -
Quarterbacks rise or fall in moments like this, and take entire teams and entire cities with them. Reputations are defined, for better or worse. Men become known as winners and leaders, or as something else.

Dolphins Running Backs:

Daniel Thomas: Rookie Miami Dolphins back Daniel Thomas sets club mark for most total yards in first two NFL games - South Florida
Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas sets club mark for most total yards in first two NFL games

Dolphins Cornerbacks:

Rookie CB Wilson Earns High Praise From Sparano And Teammates
Growing pains are something that are typically experienced by individuals and not teams, but Miami Dolphins rookie cornerback Jimmy Wilson learned Sunday that his teammates are feeling the pain with him.

Dolphins Fans:

Famous Fins Fan: Darius Rucker
Darius Rucker gained fame as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish. The band has released five studio albums with him as a member, and charted six top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Rucker co-wrote the majority of the band's songs with the other three members. A long time Dolphins fan, Rucker has performed the National Anthem at Dolphins games as well as his hit song "I Only Want To Be With You" at Dan Marino's retirement bash. Rucker even sports a tattoo of the Dolphins logo. Read how this musical legend first became a Dolphins fan and how he continues to show his support for the team today.