Raising the Level of Debate.....

Recently, there is a poisonous climate here that is beginning to drastically reduce the quality of the experience that is this website. It has been growing exponentially over the last few weeks, and if it is not nipped in the bud immediately, it is going to force a lot of mature, quality, dedicated contributor's to abandon this site, and bring their unique and valued perspectives elsewhere. I understand that the growing frustration of a vanishing football season is largely to blame, but it's time we acknowledge the problem and curb it before this site is reduced to just another low-level, intellectually void, teenage chat room, of which there are tens of thousands all over the internet. Here is the core of the issue and the bottom line:

You don't have the right to tell me, or anybody else, how to be a fan.

My opinions have merit, as do yours. If I want to stand up and call for the firing, or cutting, of anyone affiliated with this franchise, well then dammit, it is my god given right to do so. Conversely, if I want to prance around sporting aqua and orange pom-poms and a flamboyant pair of "rose-colored glasses", well, then that is my right as well. And you have the exact same set of rights. You also have the right to disagree with me, and I with you. And let's have a conversation about it. A respectful, informed, honest debate. That's what this site is built on. It's what makes it great. You do not, however, have the right to tell me that because I disagree with you, that I am not a "true fan".

Also, there is something that some of you need to hear: In the entire history of the world, no one has ever once been endeared to someone that says "I told you so." That phrase has never once garnered someone an ounce of respect from anyone else. And I have to tell you that all that phrase does around here is make you sound like someone who is gloating, and pleased with the position this team is in. And I can't think of a better way to ensure that you are never taken seriously around here, than to give the impression that you are pleased with the course of this season.

Everyone here is a fan. A passionate, engaged fan. With one hope for this franchise, even if we all envision different pathways to that goal. Let's raise the level of debate around here, and ensure that this site maintains it's reputation as the premier Miami Dolphins fansite...Lecture over....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.