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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 9/22/11

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush admitted he was slowed by a sore hamstring last week.
Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush admitted he was slowed by a sore hamstring last week.

Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed in the last 24 hours:

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns Preview:

Miami Dolphins dealing with key injuries on all three sides of the ball | The Daily Dolphin
The Dolphins could be short-handed in all three phases of the game this Sunday against Cleveland.

Browns rookie defensive linemen Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard off to great starts - South Florida
They are rookies, subject to the same ribbing and ridicule Cleveland's veterans give all the newbies.

Dolphins Running Backs:

Miami Dolphins' Reggie Bush admits that groin injury slowed him Sunday; he says he is OK now
The Dolphins made it through training camp in good health, but several key players are dealing with injuries as the team prepares for Sunday's game at Cleveland.

Dolphins Wide Receivers:

WR Marshall keeping tabs on Joe Haden - AFC East Blog - ESPN
In Brandon Marshall's mind, Sunday's high-profile matchup with Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden has been months in the making. 

Dolphins Offensive Linemen:

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins OL Jake Long working to get back to elite status - South Florida
Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl offensive lineman Jake Long has allowed two sacks in the season's first two games

Dolphins Cornerbacks:

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins Vontae Davis says conditioning not an issue - South Florida
Dolphins CB Vontae Davis says conditioning not an issue

Dolphins Coaches:

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano firmly on hot seat - Greg Cote -
This might be the most important coaching week of Tony Sparano’s life. His Dolphins future is wavering and could depend on Miami winning during this commencing three-game road trip — with Sunday’s game at Cleveland presenting itself as the most likely victory of the three by a lot.

Dolphins Practices:

Miami Dolphins players concede that sloppy practice habits have hurt them in games
The Dolphins had a simple goal at practice: Get better. And this time, it wasn't just a football cliché.

Dolphins Redzone:

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins hurt by negative plays in the red zone - South Florida
The Miami Dolphins have scored touchdowns on just four of 10 trips inside opponents' 20-yard line.