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Miami Dolphins - We Must Attack Another House

Maybe the Dolphins need to play fewer games in Miami, period.
Maybe the Dolphins need to play fewer games in Miami, period.

It's a good thing the Miami Dolphins play in Sun Life Stadium, because the irony of it being called Under Armor Stadium would just be perfect.  Miami can't protect their house.  They can't.  

But, for some reason, they play better on the road.  

Maybe it's the routine.  Maybe it's too many creature comforts in Miami.  Maybe the team feeds off the crowd being against them in a packed stadium - well, Sun Life Stadium isn't packed, but it is against them, so maybe it's not that.

What has happened to the Dolphins?  What has happened to Joe Robbie Stadium?

Over the last 5 years, the Dolphins have a 14-26 record in Miami.  During those same seasons, the Dolphins have gone 32-48.  That means, during these five years, and all the struggles that have come with them, Miami has a 0.400 winning percentage overall, but just 0.350 at home. There's something very, very wrong with that.

And, of the last 12 home games, Miami has lost 11 of them.

So, I say again, we can't protect this house.

Some people have railed against the changes Stephen Ross, the Dolphins owner, has brought to the Stadium as part of the problem, but that's not it.  The problems started before the orange carpet and night clubs appeared.  

People say the addition of Marc Anthony, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Fergie as minority partners is part of the problem, but that's not it.  The problems started before that - and, as long as Ross is opening his wallet to better the team, I don't really care how many "minority partners" he has.

People say that the Dolphins losing is the problem, but that's not it.  Even when the Dolphins went 11-5 and won the AFC East, the playoff game was blacked out due to the inability of the Stadium to be sold out.  

So, what is it?

Why can't we protect this house?

The problem goes through three different coaching staffs.  It spans three different Jason Taylor stints with the team.  It goes over two different majority owners.  

And yet, the losing in Miami continues.  

So far this year, Miami is 0-2, with both those losses coming...where Miami.

Next week the Dolphins are heading north to visit the Cleveland Browns.  They're on the road.  They will probably win.

The Dolphins actually play their next three games on the road, and, with the bye, they don't appear on the floor of Sun Life Stadium until October 23.  

Ross has requested that the Dolphins get more late games scheduled in the early part of the season.  Maybe he needs to request the Dolphins play more away games - like eight more.

The coaching staff has to figure out what is making the Dolphins flat at home.  Maybe they need to start treating it like a road trip - heading to a hotel at the end of the week, locking everyone down with strict curfews, and making them get into the rhythm of an away game.

But, whatever the problem is, Miami needs to protect Sun Life Stadium.

Otherwise, come 2015 when the Stadium's naming rights deal runs out, you can rule Under Armor out of the running.