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Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins Overflow Thread #1

Houston 16 - Miami 3

DC$ needs to give cash back.  130+ yards of offense, and 0 points thanks to a blocked FG, and a missed FG.

Daniel Thomas looks good.  Really good.  He's not afraid of contact and he is starting to hit the hole hard.  Coaching staff must have really gotten to him in the preseason about that.

Chad Henne has look decent.  The pick sucked, but his arm was hit, so he couldn't control where he was going with the ball.

The defense has had some moments of looking good, and some moments of looking bad.  Maybe they are getting ready to turn that switch and be what we all thought they were, but damn, they need to do it SOON!

We aren't out of this game.  We just need some better execution this half - both on offense and defense.