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NFL Week 2 Early Games Open Thread

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In the appetizer before the 4:15pm Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins main course, there are a series of NFL games at 1pm today.

Included in those games are:Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets,Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans, and Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins.

Enjoy the early games, hope the Jaguars can go into New Jersey to knock off the Jets and the Raiders can do the same in Buffalo, and look forward to Miami's redemption game this afternoon!

The Houston at Miami Live Thread will be posted before the start of the game.