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The Official Phinsider Yahoo! Fantasy Football League Update

With the NFL's Week 2 getting ready to begin, it's time to bring you up to date on the Yahoo! Fantasy Football Official Phinsider League.

The season has started well for the majority of the teams, with even several of the Week 1 losing teams breaking the 100 point mark (well, if you aren't me, as I got my butt handed to me, but we'll (briefly) discuss that in a minute).  

Before we move on to the Week 1 results, we need to introduce everyone to our teams:

Joe Robbie Division:                                                                    Dan Marino Division:

The Boondock Saints (enhalen)                                                      Cruces Crushers (Nete88)

Fin Factor (Neo)                                                                              FirstTimer (DaBest99)

Gateway Gunslingers (Chupathingy)                                               FishNFinz (FishNFinz)

NJ Fins (Finhead83)                                                                        Hook 'em fins!!!1! (dolger14)

Phinsider_Mosul (Mosul_DolFan)                                                    Phungal Inphection (Schwanson)

Zach Thomas Division:                                                                 Don Shula Division:

IA Phan (djdj113)                                                                            All The Eggs & Bacon (tenaciouslee)

killer b (Phinatic on Sullivans Island)                                               Cleo2Camo (09cunliffe)

Mr. Phintastic (Mr. Phintastic)                                                         God Squad (Va FinFan)

Vontae's Inferno (small balls)                                                          River City Rebels (Foy)

Wade County Ballers (miamimike71)                                              Shaving Reggies Bush (BSerious72)

If you are interested in seeing our draft results, click here.  For everything else you would like to know about the league, head to the league's Yahoo! Fantasy Football page. 

Now, here are the results for this past week:











Of course, Tom Brady was our high scoring player for the week, with FirstTimer, run by DaBest99, having him on their squad.  Chad Henne was the highest scoring Miami Dolphins player, with him also being the second highest player overall, and belongs to Mr. Phintastic on his team...Mr. Phintastic.  

If you are interested in our matchups for this weekend, here they are: