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Who's the BOLDEST Dolphins Fan?

Did you notice our new sponsor? You know, the one that was up during the game thread on Monday night (and, coincidentally, sponsored this post)? That's right, the fine people of Guinness have agreed to come aboard for the season.

And, who better than an outstanding beer to sponsor things here at the Phinsider?

As a part of that sponsorship, Guinness is asking you guys two questions. Hit the jump to see the questions:

Here you go:

1. Who is the boldest fan for the Miami Dolphins?

2. Who is The Phinsider's boldest fan?

This is your opportunity to nominate whomever you would like for both categories. Just post a comment to nominate (and a justification if you would like), and vote for other's nomination through the rec button (you know, like in the caption this posts). In a few days, we'll have some follow up posts about whomever you guys chose as both the boldest Miami Dolphins fan and the boldest Phinsider fan.